A modern classic in interior design

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds provide sunlight protection and create a cozy atmosphere in your home or your office. They combine the aesthetic of classic drapes with geometric elements associated with modern interiors and visually expand the room.  The wide assortment of textures and colors of fabrics allow you to adjust the light according to your preferences.

Vertical blinds

Smooth operation and easy maintenance

We offer a wide range of vanes – individual strips hanging down from the headrail – in different colors and transparencies. The vanes are 89mm wide, anti-static and impregnated to ensure maximum durability and easy maintenance. The headrail can be mounted on a wall or on the ceiling. The blinds can be operated manually (with a sidewinder chain) or with a battery-powered motor. The raising mechanism can be adjusted according to the configuration of your windows and your personal preferences.


Вертикални щори