Facade accents

Sun awnings

Sun awnings provide protection from sunlight and rain over large areas, which makes them suitable for shading outdoor seating areas, sports grounds, gardens and terraces. In addition to being practical, they also can also serve as a decorative element and distinguish the facade with a stylish look.  Avette offers a large variety of mechanisms and modifications and a wide range of acrylic fabrics that you can choose from to find a perfect fit.

Durable mechanisms and materials

Depending on their intended function, sun awnings can be classified as retractable or stationary. Retractable models allow you to adjust the size of the shaded area; they can be retracted in full when not in use and can be mounted on a temporary structure. The operation mechanisms can be manual or motorized. Avette offers dropdown arm awnings, sun awnings with an adjustable shoulder, balcony awnings and pergolas. In contrast, stationary models are installed on load-bearing structures and are suitable for large playgrounds and outdoor areas. Their main advantages are that they are resistant to wind and rain, require minimal maintenance and allow for an easy replacement of the fabric.


Sun awnings